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feat. Alix Klineman, Luis Robert, JD Martinez & more

Our partnership with adidas has allowed us to work on projects across multiple sports with their star-studded roster of athletes. By fostering genuine collaboration and delivering authentic storytelling, we have been able to develop an extensive portfolio of content for adidas that fulfills a wide spectrum of objectives. 


Alix Klineman

When adidas Volleyball hit us up saying they wanted to change the game, we told them to look no further. This is what happens when you let us introduce one of the world's best volleyball players, Alix Klineman, to the Three Stripe Life.

Luis Robert

Announcing an athlete’s partnership with a brand is a big deal. Big for the brand, big for the athlete. It's about celebrating not just an endorsement but a shared commitment to excellence on the field and in the hearts of fans. We helped adidas Baseball welcome Luis Robert to #teamadidas, the SDLN way.